Our mission is to provide continuity to the medieval craftsmanship in the 21st Century. Mediterraneum Soul espadrilles are stitched one by one in a small village in Spain, because our jute soles are still manually formed into the shape, the espadrille is more flexible and can be hand-sewn, respecting the traditional manufacturing process. Conform to tradition it takes other 20 steps to make the espadrilles shoes we present each season. Other products such our bags and baskets are hand made by authentic ateliers in the region, and their families have been working for generations with these products keeping the essence of the Mediterranean culture in them.



Mediterraneum Soul products are an expression of the Mediterranean fine lifestyle. We work these items by hand respecting the traditions of our ancestors who forged lives in the Mediterranean, lived by the sea and its fields with the essence of simplicity, the freshness of a sunset on the sand, Sunday walks in the countryside, having breakfast watching the sunrise from a hill. Mediterraneum Soul invites you to daydream.



Our products are made exclusively with natural materials. The espadrille has been around for thousands of years and have transformed from utilitarian shoes into signifiers of luxury. This is a Natural footwear that allows feet to breathe whilst experiencing a sensation of natural comfort. Our baskets are made with natural palm leaves, and we’re using natural fibers such as cotton or leather in our bags, even natural wood for our sunglasses fames; 100% designed in Spain, sewn and handle with care and manufactured with love.